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Osteria Radici (Allentown,NJ)

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Allentown, one of our favorite small towns in NJ (read our Allentown Blog here), just became a foodie destination because of the newly opened Osteria Radici (#osteriaradici). This modern Italian restaurant is already garnishing a strong reputation with NJ Monthly listing it as one of the best new restaurants in New Jersey and its semi-finalist standing for the James Beard Award for best new restaurant in America. That is a lot of hype to live up to, but after trying the food, we understand why this spot is getting so much attention.

With the first bite, you quickly realize that owners Chef Randy & Ally Forrester are taking Italian cuisine to a fresh & new modern place. In a state that is filled with traditional Italian spots, its a delightfully bold move. The ever changing menu focuses on seasonal local ingredients and the presentation is clean and simple. What isn't simple is the complexity and sophistication of flavors that each bite brings. Radici, meaning roots in Italian, is in their name and at the heart of their philosophy with a menu that focuses on blending tradition and cultural roots. You won't find meatballs and chicken parmesan on the menu, but expect dishes like local fluke crudo with celery root and horseradish, and hand made pastas like the malloreddus with dandelion greens, braised garlic & parmigiano.

From the atmosphere, the staff and to the mouthwateringly delicious food, Osteria Radici is a fantastic addition to the New Jersey dining scene. If you are not from the area, it is worth the drive, so grab your favorite bottle of wine and head over for a complete foodie experience.

If you check out Osteria Radici, be sure to tag us at #twodopesfromjersey


4 S Main St Allentown, NJ 08501


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