Let us help spread the word about your restaurant. Our social media campaigns are a great way to introduce your place to a new audience in a fun and effective way. Whether you just opened, you’re launching a new menu, or want to generate a buzz, we have to plan for you. 


Instagram Post

Our Instagram posts generate buzz and excitement about your restaurant and the food you serve. With impressions that can reach over 20 thousand instagram users, we can offer your restaurant serious exposure. 

Blog Post

Let us tell your story and our experience in a detailed blog that also features professional photos. This builds upon the buzz created by the Instagram feed and offers the reader a more in-depth view of what they should expect. The blog is shared with our website subscribers as well as having the opportunity to be shared with your social media followers.


Our videos offer the viewer and exciting, fun and detailed vision of visit.  This is where our personalties and the vibe of your restaurant really shines. The video is shared on Youtube, Facebook and IGTV which allows for multiple exposure to new people.

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