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White Chapel Projects is Just What Long Branch Needed

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The White Chapel Projects (#whitechapelprojects ) is truly an experience. Located in an old plumbing warehouse in Long Branch, NJ, this converted space now includes a brewery, beer hall, and restaurant, but it feels like so much more than that. Created to be a destination for people to engage with art and music, it has been thoughtfully compartmentalized into different sections. The “chapel” is a large room with a stage, perfect for the many different music events they hold including open mic nights! Many of the staff are also local musicians who will occasionally jump on the stage and jam out throughout their shift. The chapel is also designed to host different educational programs and art events.

What makes this space truly special is the sense of respect for what existed before. WCP was designed with repurposed materials from the warehouse. Over 72,000 bricks from the original building were taken down and put back together in the space. As you walk through, its apparent the even the smallest details have been carefully considered, like the tap handles that were made from old beams in the building. Even the door to the brewery from the bar room has sentimental value, as it is from the old Paramount Theater that was a huge landmark in the Long Branch community.   

While it is easy to get distracted by the cool vibe and immersive experience at WCP, the quality of the food should not be overlooked. The head chef is from the theater district of New York City and specializes in French cuisine. Those influences are apparent in menu items, such as the Poutine with Mississippi roast, gravy & cheese curds, or the Langos Tarte Flambee with bacon, onions, fresh cheese and crème fraiche. One of the standouts for us was the Langos-Wrapped Burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, & pickles, which is then deep fried in potato bread. This was the perfect combination of pickled & savory flavors with a crunchy goodness.

WCP also serves brews from their onsite brewery, including American Ales, IPAs, Porters & Stouts. You will find WCP beer on tap as well as beer from other NJ breweries, like Last Wave and Jughandle. The bar room has an intimate and artsy vibe, with tomato cans lining the wall (a nod to Andy Warhol) & large windows overlooking the backyard area. In the warmer months, an outside pizza oven will be serving up pies out back, while the front courtyard will host bazaars with local artisanal items. There is a lot going on at The White Chapel Projects with even more to be excited about. We think the White Chapel Projects is a pretty dope spot and we know you will too!


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