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SLS Las Vegas

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The SLS Las Vegas is located away from the huge crowds and inevitable chaos of the main section of the Las Vegas strip. With a small casino floor, stylized rooms & a fantastic pool, it has a boutique vibe that is often lost in the hustle and bustle of the city. While we love staying at the larger casinos on the strip, we chose the SLS because we wanted this trip have a more relaxing & romantic vibe. We also heard great things about the onsite Foxtail Pool, which was a huge draw, as well as the fact that Chef Jose Andres has a restaurant onsite. When we first checked in, the hotel staff was very helpful and friendly, which is always refreshing after a long flight. Throughout our stay, we had great experiences with everyone ranging from the pool staff, the room service and concierge.

The Room

We stayed in the World Tower King room, which was bright. There were two large mirrors in the bedroom with lighted trim and a window overlooking the city in place of a headboard. The bed was incredibly soft & comfortable and the pillows were nice and fluffy. The room was very sleek, but the only downside was there were no drawers or dressers to organize your clothing. There was a small section with hangers for suits & dresses, but it was a little difficult to take everything out of our luggage and keep it organized. The bathroom had great lighting for pre-clubbing prep and the rainfall-style shower was really fantastic. Our only complaint is there was only one small towel hook in the bathroom, which made two people reusing their towels difficult. We also wish we had robes in the room as well!

The Foxtail Pool

We reserved a day bed at the Foxtail Pool and got there bright and early to snag a spot right next to the pool. The pool, which is separated in two sections around a central bar, was as relaxing and refreshing as we hoped it would be. We went on a scorching 90 degree day, but the pool was never too crowded or rowdy. The striped cabanas and chair cushions matched with the manicured greenery gave the pool a Beverley Hills meets French Riveria vibe, which us dopes were all about.

Bazaar Meat

Chef Jose Andres is a genius and Bazaar Meat, a meat lover's paradise, is one of his masterpieces. While we went specifically for the food, we had to try some of the famous cocktails like the Magic Mojito strained over cotton candy and the Smoked Aladdin Manhattan, which were epically delicious.

The dinner menu has so many great options, so we opted to try the "Jose's Way" tasting, which started off with the famous Cotton Candy Foie Gras. This one course is a full culinary experience in itself, as it simultaneously went sweet to savory, airy to dense. There were other playful & delicious courses on the menu, like the bagels & lox cone and liquid green olives. Out of all of the fantastic food we tried, the stand out for us was the Rosewood Texas Rib Eye, which was a Spanish style bone-in ribeye cooked to absolute perfection. Two Dopes Tip: Vegetarians need not attend


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