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Roscoe, NY: Trout Town U.S.A

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Roscoe, NY is located at the intersection of Beaver Kill River and Willowemoc Creek, making it an incredible spot for trout fishing & even earning it the name Trout Town U.S.A!  The tiny downtown, with more fishing gear shops as than restaurants, is exactly what you would hope to find in the Catskill Mountains.  We went for a weekend of trout fishing and everything Trout Town U.S.A has to offer. Two Dopes Tip: Roscoe closes up shop early, so if you get cravings for food and drinks after 10pm like us, pack a cooler! We brought some cheeses, meats and a traveling mini bar with us. We also stashed away some sandwiches and food we purchased at the local shops during the day.

Trout Fishing


It goes without saying that the trout fishing is incredible. We love fishing and really wanted to find the best spots in the famous Trout Town U.S.A, so we opted to hire a guide for a ½ day to show us around. We went with Trout Town Adventures, a father-son operation that offers a variety of different fishing tours. We took a classic fly fishing tour and fished our way through the various rivers and creeks as we soaked in truly breathtaking landscapes. 

Rockland House

Family owned and operated for over 50 years, the Rockland House doubles as both a restaurant and motel.  The restaurant is known for their prime rib and large salad bar, as well as their ever-changing fish specials. When trout is in season, this entrée should not be missed! We got the Beaverkill Brook Trout Almondine, which was pan fried with sautéed almonds and it was mouthwateringly delicious. The motel at Rockland House is the only game in town. We stayed for a few nights and while it is not a luxurious hotel, we enjoyed the rustic vibe, the short drive to the center of town and the picnic tables in the front lawn.  The Roscoe NY Beer Co. is also right next door!

Prohibition Distillery


At Prohibition Distillery they’re making vodka, gin and a bourbon whiskey.  The tasting room is located in the town’s old firehouse and it has a very comfortable, yet trendy vibe. With large leather couches and an industrial feel, it is easy to spend an afternoon soaking it all in while indulging in a few tastings. 

Roscoe NY Beer Co. 

Voted the number 1 craft brewery in NY at the New York Craft Beer Challenge, Roscoe NY Beer Co. is making a mark on the beer scene. Serving food in addition to the tastings, this brewery embodies the spirit of Roscoe as well as a passion for craft beer. The tasting room has a train set on top of the tap wall and is filled with artwork and antiques, making a festive and friendly hang out. 


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