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Reyla in Asbury Park

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Reyla is a fantastic restaurant in Asbury Park, but before you can understand what Reyla is, you need to get to know who Reyla is. Simply put, she is a well-traveled woman with a multicultural background, a taste for adventure and appreciation of art. Drawing inspiration from Lebanese and Italian-American roots, Reyla is the perfect example of the diversity that makes New Jersey so incredible. While Reyla is an imagined embodiment of all these qualities, the spirit of the restaurant brings her to life. The essence of the space is Reyla from the suitcases stacked in the front windows, to the dramatic archways that mimic Turkish ruins. The sketched silhouettes lined along the walls accented by postcards from Florence and the ancient Croatian symbols lining the ceiling are inspired by her travels.

While the resturant creates the atmosphere, the food is what takes you on her journey. Inspired by Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, the menu has a lot of incredible small plates from pickled blueberries served with pita to Monk Fish Kebabs served with Persian rice and a citrus quinoa cake served with avocado, deviled egg, whipped feta & mustard dressing. The cocktail menu is fantastic and brings the whole experience together. The Tongue Thai'd made with gin & watermelon is super light and refreshing, making it easily one of our favorites!


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