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Parker's Garage & Oyster Saloon

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Parker's Garage & Oyster Saloon on Long Beach Island is another feather in the cap of the already successful Black Whale Restaurant Group, which owns The Black Whale Bar and Fish House, Mud City Crab House, Ship Bottom Shellfish, and The Old Causeway Oyster and Steak House.  Located on the bay side of the island, Parker's Garage has a spectacular waterfront view, fantastic food and intoxicating open-air seating. We visited late in the afternoon on a gorgeous Sunday and got a table right on the water, with salt air breezing through our hair and boats docked in our view. 

A throwback to Beach Haven in the early 1900s, Parker's Garage embraces the different lifestyles from fishermen to bootleggers during this time period the owners call  "a golden age of Long Beach Island". The name is derived from a resturant and houseboat rental business, owned by Ellis Parker, which eventually turned into an engine repair shop for boats. The spirit of this time is captured perfectly with the seamless integration of industrial style décor and shore life vibes. Oh, and did we mention it is BYOB?

The food at Parker's Garage is meticulously sourced, and often locally. The menu takes a creative spin on popular seafood favorites. Most of the dishes are served as small plates intended for sharing.  The Lobster Corn Dogs, which are sliced lobster tails on skewers and fried in a hush puppy batter are as inventive as they are savory.  The fried croquettes filled with steaming clam chowder soup are an absolute delight, and don't even get us started about how good the Tuna Crackers are! If you're looking for an elegant space with fantastic views and even better food, Parker's Garage and Oyster Saloon will be your new spot on Long Beach Island this summer.


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