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Lucy the Elephant is New Jersey's Elephant

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Lucy the Elephant is s New Jersey treasure. This six story structure in the shape of an elephant named Lucy is located in Margate, just two miles south of Atlantic City. She was built in the late 1800s out of cedar wood and tin sheeting and is adored by locals and tourists alike. The history and legacy of Lucy has made her a National Historic Landmark and she is widely known as the only elephant you can walk into and come out alive!

We visited Lucy on a gorgeous spring day and opted to take a tour, which is the only way you're able to access the inside of the building. The tours run every 30 minutes, but the grounds are free to walk around, which is a a great option if you're not interested in going inside. On our tour we learned a lot about Lucy's history and the incredible community that banded together in the 1970s to restore the building and maintain its legacy when faced with a possible demolition. Lucy's story of survival is inspiring and lets face it, a gigantic building that looks like an elephant is inherently really cool! Watch our video below to see more of Lucy and our tour!

To learn more about Lucy the Elephant, you can click here.


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