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Lovelandtown Grocery & Provisions is your one stop shop for local quality foods

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

We’re always excited when we meet other couples who share our passion for locally sourced, high quality food, so it makes sense that we are completely inspired by what Joe and Jocelyn are doing at their market in Point Pleasant. As we walked around the charming Lovelandtown Grocery & Provisions and looked through their imported olive oils, Jersey Fresh canned tomatoes and beautiful produce, we were like two kids in a candy shop. Joe and Jocelyn’s philosophy of “know your food, know your farmer” and only using meat that is without preservatives and antibiotics not only adds to the quality of what they serve, but also reminds you why it is important to consider where your food is coming from. The source of every piece of meat the use is known, and some of it is from incredible New Jersey farms.

Their prosciutto is a 100% New Jersey product. The pigs are raised at Roaming Acres Farm in Lafayette Township, cured at Salumeria Biellese in Hackensack. While we learned about the process, we tasted a few slices and as the fat melted like butter on our tongues and the salty aroma filled our mouths, you better believe we were filled with Jersey pride! This prosciutto was pure heaven, so we couldn’t turn down the prosciutto sandwich with double cream brie, fig spread and aged balsamic vinegar, which was exactly as delicious as it sounds!

We sat down in the corner of the market at a little café table to have lunch. The bread the prosciutto sandwich was made on, as with all of their sandwiches, is from Balthazar in Englewood, NJ, a bakery known nationally for its quality carbs! What we love about the “deli” at Loveandtown is that it is so different from your typical prepackaged, dime-a-dozen cold cut deli. Everything is done in house and all of the details are carefully considered, even down to the bread that gets shipped in daily. Everything is organic and all of the meats are house roasted. The menu selection changes seasonally, as the availability of fresh ingredients changes. In addition to the prosciutto sandwich, we also tried the Butcher Sandwich, which is their version of a “sandwich of the day”. On the day we visited, it was a warmed roast beef sandwich with caramelized onions and mozzarella, which was super decadent, hearty and flavorful!

If you care about what you eating and where it is coming from, or if you just love a great

sandwich, you gotta stop by Lovelandtown Grocery & Provisions! We cannot recommend this place enough and how important we believe it is to support local businesses that are passionate about the quality of the food they serve and the farmers who supply



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