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Believe The Hype, Chef Vola's is the Real Deal!

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

An unmarked house with a green awning down an unassuming avenue in Atlantic City is where your favorite Two Dopes found themselves on a Saturday night in May. If you’re familiar with some of the best hideaway restaurants in New Jersey, perhaps you already know we are talking about Chef Vola’s; the speakeasy style Italian restaurant where it is almost impossible to get a table.

As we pulled on to Albion Rd, there was no mistaking which house was Chef Vola’s. With a line of people waiting outside and the aroma of Italian food wafting through the air, it is clear why signage is not needed for all first time visitors. As we settled in with our BYOB , we glanced over the menu, but like the professionals we are, we came with a game plan and knew exactly what we wanted. Known for their crab cakes and veal parmesan, we knew we would actually be dopes if we opted to get something else over these time-tested favorites.

The veal parmesan was without a doubt, the best fried veal parmesan we’ve had in the state. The sauce was hearty, flavorful and the perfect accompaniment to the tender, but thick cut of veal that was fried and served on the bone with a healthy portion of mozzarella cheese. It’s a hearty meal and the portions are huge, but once we took one bite, we realized we would not have any trouble cleaning our plates. While the veal was the show stopper for us, the crab cakes should not be overlooked, as they were delicious and perfectly fried. We found them to be the perfect start to our meal.

Believe it or not, we saved room for dessert. We knew we couldn’t leave without trying some of their famous cream pies. The banana cream pie was flavorful, light and truly delicious. We also tried the limoncello cream pie, which had a really great balance of tart and sweet and settled our stomachs almost as much as a glass limoncello would after a meal!

After a relaxing and incredibly satisfying meal, Chef Vola’s became a #TwoDopesFavorite and we cannot wait to go back for some of the best Italian food in New Jersey!  


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