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A Dope Las Vegas Foodie Guide

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Over our past few trips to Las Vegas, we've been on the quest to find the best food in the city & we've compiled a list of some of our favorites below!

Rose Rabbit Lie

Located in the Cosmopolitan, Rose. Rabbit. Lie is a ridiculously cool place with live music, a hidden speakeasy style bar with great cocktails and a fantastic menu. The crown jewel of this spot is easily the caviar tacos. Without a doubt, these little flavor bombs are the most delectable tacos we have ever devoured. They are so tiny & so perfect.


Jaleo is one of the few places in the USA to serve the magical acron-fed black-hoved Iberico pigs. We ordered most of the iberico items on the menu, but our favorite was Jamon iberico de bellota Fermin, the hand-carved, dry-cured ham from the acorn-fed pigs. Jamon iberico de bellota Fermin is unlike any other meat we have ever tasted. As soon as the thinly sliced piece of meat gently touches the tip of your tongue, you are whisked into another dimension and you can truly experience the environment in which your food came from. The Gin & Tonic dessert is also one of our staples here! It tastes like pure genius as it fizzles in your mouth and perfectly mimics the cocktail it is named for.


When it is late night and the carnivore in you might be screaming for a burger, you've got to head over to Gordon Ramsey’s Burgr. This casual joint located on the casino floor of Planet Hollywood is serving up some of the most delicious burgers on the strip. Our go-to is the Euro Burger with warmed goat cheese & arugula on a fresh bun. The high quality of these ingredients, combined with the flavor profile is absolute foodie perfection. Gordon Ramsey has turned creating the perfectly cooked, and exquisitely juicy hamburger into an art form. 

Two Dopes Tip: The truffle fries should not be overlooked!


If you're looking for an authentic Japanese food, Raku is the place to go! Serving small plates in a dimly lit & romantic environment, it is a popular spot for local foodies & visitors from out of town. Favorite dishes include the steamed foie gras egg custard, kurobuta pork cheek & cold green tea soba.

Raku Sweets

This is any sweet-lover’s dream. Raku Sweets, the sister restaurant to Raku, specializes in gourmet desserts. Each item comes out as pieces of artwork and are almost too pretty to eat. Emphasis on almost, though, because what they are serving up is seriously delicious. The Angel Cream was one of our favorites. It looks as whimsical as it sounds, and any Harry Potter fan will notice its resemblance to a much paler golden snitch.

Bazaar Meat

Chef Jose Andres is a genius and Bazaar Meat, a meat lover's paradise, is one of his masterpieces. The famous cocktails, like the Magic Mojito strained over cotton candy and the Smoked Aladdin Manhattan, were epically delicious. The dinner menu has so many great options, so you can select one of the few tasting menus they offer if you're having trouble deciding what you should get. There are lots of playful courses on the menu, like cotton candy foie gras, the bagels & lox cone and liquid green olives, which are all as delicious as they are unique.

Yu Nan Garden

If you're looking for authentic Sichuan Chinese food, this is the spot! This hidden gem in Las Vegas Chinatown serves us some incredible, spicy small plates & it is the best Sichuan joint we've eaten at in the United States. The shaved pork ears, spicy greens & tofu are out of this world.


In Downtown Vegas, this is the breakfast spot! With a wide selection of breakfast treats ranging from cinnamon biscuits, truffled egg sandwich & chicken fried steak, nearly anyone can find something to drool over. The coffee is top notch & their sparkling strawberry lemonade is super refreshing!

In-N-Out Burger

Its greasy, its quick & it is a staple on the West Coast. In-N-Out Burger's name will be dropped in almost any east coast vs west coast conversation, especially if there is (fast food) beef involved. If you haven't tried it, its worth the experience & its gives you a little more credibility in these nationwide burger debates!

Two Dopes Tip: Ask for an In-N-Out Burger paper hat from behind the counter & animal style everything!


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