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Spa Day at Energy Zone Wellness Center

With a life filled with foodie and travel adventures, we always try to carve out time for our health and wellness. While we travel the Garden State (& beyond) we keep an eye out for spa and wellness centers that are unique and cutting edge. We were lucky enough to visit the Energy Zone Wellness Center in Cliffside Park, NJ to check out everything new and exciting in the spa world.

We tried out the lymphatic drainage pants and pressotherapy, which is a new craze in the health world. The pants made us feel like real life astronauts and were insanely relaxing. The goal of this new technology is to activate the passive part of your circulation system through a light massage in order to drain your body of accumulated toxins and become completely relaxed.

We also checked out the infrared sauna, which can be used for detoxification. And lets face it, after a weekend full of cocktails, burgers and steak, we desperately needed to release some toxins. The 20 minutes we spent in the sauna left us feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, even though the room smelled like Kettleone and bacon after we were done with it!

The rejuvenation microdermobrasion facial and the full body massages were also super relaxing and refreshing. We were pampered Dopes and our spa day was a lot of fun! There are many more services that promote preventative care at the Energy Zone Wellness Center, and you can check them out for yourself here:

Energy Zone Wellness Center




Access to our infrared sauna - 20 minute session and free day pass and access to the gym, with Olympic pool and hot tub.

We are dedicated to the health and overall wellness of our clients. We encourage clients to use our different detoxication services such as infrared sauna, pressotherapy, and three day juice cleanse. Now that we are in between seasons, it is a perfect time to start your detox. By calling and saying "Dopes2017", new clients will receive special prices on one of these packages as well as one infrared sauna session and access to the gym, with Olympic size pools and hot tub. Great views of Manahattan skyline from pool and free parking.

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