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elements of surprise

When the elevator doors open and you step into elements, you'll quickly notice the intimacy of the space. The line between the kitchen and the dining area is non existent and it creates a unique interaction between the diners and the staff. elements embodies an endearing hospitable charm that lends itself for memorable dining experience.

elements is located on Witherspoon St in Princeton and sits above Mistral, it’s sister restaurant. The dinning room is only accessed by an elevator found in the bar room of Mistral. Chef Scott Anderson and his team are on full display as they work their magic with locally sourced ingredients and push the boundaries of fine dining in the Garden State.

We ordered the Chef’s Tasting menu and our meal began with some quick small bites; wine marinated and smoked quail eggs served in a birds nest, wild mushrooms and wonderfully crispy chicken skins. The beautiful, over the top and creative presentation of the food illustrates the concept and vision of the chef.

Scott Anderson showcases the elements of New Jersey, as he takes you from the farm right to the sea with the first few courses of the tasting menu. We enjoyed lobster sashimi, with horseradish and lobster sauce, served in ice bowl, Florida pompano with gooseberry Veronique and nasturtium and razor clam dirty rice with oregano and spice bush.

The second portion of the menu focused more on red meat and game dishes. One of the highlights was the strip loin which was served on a slab of wood sitting in a box full of smoked wood chips allowing the husky air linger around our table.

Finally, we ended the meal with a trio of mouthwatering desserts. The wild blueberry with yogurt and honey was as delicious as it was beautiful in presentation.

All the dishes were superb, and the courses of the tasting menu take you through a journey of our fine state. The menu at elements is a testament to New Jersey, as it displays what The Garden State has to offer and what a creative chef is capable of inspiring.

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