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Jersey Shine: Dangerously Drinkable.

When we think about Prohibition, we picture the infamous gangsters who smuggled in booze along the New Jersey waterways and the South Jersey farms that stashed the liquor along the way. We think of bathtubs full of moonshine and Atlantic City. In New Jersey, there are some who can boast a connection with this notorious past and then there is Carl, who finds inspiration in it and a family history. We visited East Coast Distilling to check out the New Jersey Moonshine we’ve heard so much about and met Carl, who created Jersey Shine- an all natural line of flavored moonshines. Carl’s family had a farm on Back Neck Road in Millville where they would hide liquor in their barns during Prohibition.

Using old family moonshine recipes, Carl is bringing moonshine back to South Jersey with co-owner Paul. With flavors like Apple Pie, Black Cherry and Lemonade, they are taking a modern, clean and sophisticated approach to moonshine. The moonshine is 40 proof, but the flavors soften the sting usually associated with the drink, making is dangerously drinkable.

The soft opening of East Coast Distilling was in early June, and Jersey Shine is already making its mark. It is the spirit of choice at the local racetrack, The New Jersey Motorsports Park, where they make Arnold Palmer styled drinks out of the lemonade moonshine. The grand opening is schedule for the end of July, but you can stop by the distillery beforehand for a free tasting Fridays-Sundays. Check out their website for more information about the Grand Opening and their other upcoming events.

20 Peterson St, Millville, NJ

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