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Lake Seneca & Belhurst Castle

The morning was beautiful and the water was clear as we set off on our rental Pontoon boat for our next Finger Lake adventure. The rough wind hit our faces as we sped up and zipped through the waters. It did not take long for us to became completely entranced by the endless beauty of the water and its coastline. The view of the wineries from water level is absolutely spell bounding.

Although it was a bit too chilly for us Dopes to go swimming, it was the perfect temperature to lounge around in bathing suits to catch a tan. After a bit of exploring on the water, we dropped the anchor right along Belhurst Castle. Belhurst Castle is one of the most historic landmarks on the shore of Lake Seneca, and where we had dinner later that evening. It served as a beautiful background for our lunchtime picnic.

After spending a great day on the water, we found ourselves at the castle we were gazing at all afternoon. We started our night at Belhurst Castle with a wine tasting. Belhurst Castle is home to a winery, hotel, two restaurants, a spa and a lounge.

After gulping down our 50 cents a pour tasting (how reasonable is that?), we headed over to Edgars for dinner. Edgars has a large dining room filled with velvet chairs, gorgeous wooden accents and a fireplace - they even have a knight in shining armor! We ordered the 10 oz Filet and the Lamb. The pistachio and honey New Zealand rack of lamb was served with potatoes. Both of our meals were lovely and we stopped at the lounge on our way out.

The lounge, connected to the restaurant transports you back to England’s Edwardian era of footman and butlers, which is appropriate, as the stones that built this castle were imported from Europe in the 1800s.

Club 86 Bagels & Cakes

476 Hamilton St, Geneva, NY 14456

Roy’s Marina

4398 Clarks Point, Geneva, NY 14456

Belhurst Castle

4069 W Lake Rd, Geneva, NY 14456

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