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The Poached Pear is a must!

With all of the rave reviews pouring in, we were super excited to check out the Poached Pear in Point Pleasant, NJ. We made our reservations a week in advance - you shouldn’t even try making reservations the day of – and anxiously awaited our introduction.

The ambience of the restaurant is modern, chic and simplistic. Its BYOB, so make sure you grab a nice bottle of wine (or two) before heading over. We started our meal with the highly reccomended asparagus fries, which were certainly tasy. Breaded and fried, they were a real treat and fun way to kick off our meal. Our next starter was the insanley wonderful duck confit ravioli with sweet potato puree, blood orange butter and topped with crispy sweet potato shoe strings. Oh my word this was excellent. Our excitment from what we were tasting was giggle inducing. For our main courses, we ordered the scallops and t-bone steak.

The scallops were pefectly cooked, fresh, smooth and ever so delicate. They sat on a bed of garlic and parmesan risotto with a balsamic drizzle to add a little pop to the flavor. We would put this dish up against any scallop dish anywhere. The t bone steak came with white chocolate risotto, which is as delicious as it sounds. The subtle-sweetness of the risotto paired with the bold flavors of the steak created a combination that would please sweet-lovers and non-sweet lovers alike. The dish is a thing to behold and is one of those meals you talk about for days.

Now for dessert, and the wildy talented pastry chef Teah Evans. We had the decadent flourless cake with white chocolate ice cream. One taste and you can see why she was a winner on the cooking show "Chopped". It was magical and the perfect ending to a unforgettable meal.

Chef /owner Scott Giordano and staff artfully creates dishes with unique pairings and bold flavors to bring forth some unique and hard to mimic dishes. Without hesitation, these dopes say the Poached Pair is a must. Do yourself a favor ...

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