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A Dope’s Guide To Vegas: Spots You Gotta Try!

We live for the meals that are so mouthwatering delicious that the world stops around us while we are eating. There is something to be said about tasting food so wonderful that it feels like you’re chewing in slow motion and everyone around you has disappeared. Its meals like this that make us travel near and far to seek out some of the most delicious food. Over our past few trips to Las Vegas, we began to compile a list of favorite spots to eat.

Rose Rabbit Lie – It is a ridiculously cool place with live music, hidden speakeasy style bars, and great cocktails. These are all aspects that would make us come back again, BUT it is the caviar tacos and caviar truffles that make us moan in our sleep. We have dreamt about the caviar tacos since we first bit into them two years ago. So delicate. So tiny. So perfect. These little flavor bombs are the most delectable tacos we have ever had to pleasure of eating. So delicious that we placed an order for more in the middle of our meal, with more courses still to come. The caviar truffles we had for dessert give us the same butterflies. As you bite into these chocolate gems, the sweetness of the chocolate melts into the salty and silky flavors of the caviar. This combination creates the most beautiful medley. Seriously though, everyone should try these caviar treats

Jaleo – Jaleo is one of the few places in the USA to serve the magical acron-fed black-hoved Iberico pigs (and people say unicorns don’t exist!) Because of this, it quickly rose to the top of our “must try” lists. We went with a carnivore mentality –to consume as much meat as humanly possible. We ordered all of the iberico items on the menu, but the all star was Jamon iberico de bellota Fermin, the hand-carved, dry-cured ham from the acorn-fed pigs. It is important to note that some of the Iberico dishes come from the free range, acron-fed pigs, and others do not. And trust us, you can taste the difference! Jamon iberico de bellota Fermin is unlike any other meat we have ever tasted. As soon as the thinly sliced piece of meat gently touches the tip of your tongue, you are whisked into another dimension. As you close your eyes, you can almost picture the glorious life that this pig, tasting the acorns, the dirt (in a good way) and the pureness of this wonderful beast. Jaleo presents it’s customers with an opportunity to taste something so unfiltered that your pallet can truly experience the environment in which your food came from.

Side Note: The dessert at Jaleo should not be passed by. The Gin & Tonic dessert tastes like pure genius and features Chef Andres’ famous foam. With hidden bits of poprock-like candies in the dish, the flavors of this dessert literally explode in your mouth and perfectly mimic and enhance the cocktail.

Burgr – The carnivore in you might be screaming for a burger, and that’s where Gordon Ramsey’s Burgr comes in. A casual joint located on the casino floor of Planet Hollywood serving up some of the most delicious burgers we have ever had. Period. Our go-to is the Euro Burger with warmed goat cheese (mm goat cheese), and arugula on a fresh bun. The high quality of these ingredients, combined with the flavor profile is perfection. Gordon Ramsey has made an art form of creating the perfectly cooked, and exquisitely juicy, hamburger.

Side Note: The truffle fries should not be overlooked - what better partner for a burger!

Raku Sweets – This is any sweet-lover’s dream. Raku Sweets is the sister restaurant to Raku – one of the more popular Japanese restaurants in Chinatown- that specializes in desserts. The cakes come out as pieces of artwork, almost too pretty to eat. Emphasis on almost, because what they are serving up is damn delicious. There are too highlights on the menu in our “dope” opinion; the Angel Cream and the Mars. The Angel Cream looks as delicate and beautiful as it sounds, and to Harry Potter fans its shares a resemblance to a much paler golden snitch.


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